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Hey! I decided to give your game a go and was definitely left with a super uncanny feeling afterward. It's definitely an interesting concept and art style for it! Here's a link if you wanna check it out. :)


thanks very much for the video! I saw you had problems with the dialing on the telephone, we are still working on that (as many other things)

Thanks again!

Top game very fun and addicting I recommend it

played it loved it!!!

Really an interesting game... It needs some polish but the feelings of fears and anxiety are really strong and well made. Keep going on this!!!

Interesting game but:
1-This game was totally absurd and give me so weird vibes, it's an unexplained's a stinky chocolate cake!
2-Please improve the keybord shortcut commands, i hate it.
3-How can i complete the subquest? I'm in a big trouble with the photo mission.

1 Thank you, your sickness is our goal.
2 Now we are working to improve commands and UI/Ux.
3's a secret.

Molto ben fatto! Ansia e paranoia la fanno da padroni per un'esperienza davvero immersiva. Sarà disponibile anche in VR per un suo seguito?

No VR baby!

Un mix intenso tra suspense e adrenalina, fidarsi o non fidarsi. Non si tratta più del solito clicca e punta, qua parliamo di un livello superiore dove possiamo provare emozioni di vario genere. Consigliatissimo per tutti coloro che vogliono sperimentare un gioco intrigante, ma sopratutto che amano trattenere il fiato fino all'ultimo momento.

Grazie del feedback!

This game is deliciously disturbing. The desire to find out who will be next to knock on that door is too strong, even if you may end up becoming paranoid too.

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Holy fuck bro, that's what I wanted to say!

sorry I can't play it anymore I feel too uneasy

Non è il solito gioco Indie che si vede tutti i giorni, bell'idea ed ottimo lavoro da parte di tutto il team di sviluppo.

Gran varietà di NPC, disegnati molto bene, facendo risaltare le loro caratteristiche ma non troppo e ciò permette al gioco di avere quel pizzico di difficoltà data dall'ansia di non sapere cosa e come reagirà ognuno di loro in base alle scelte effettuate.

Provato e riprovato per un paio di mesi e, forse, come miglioramenti sosterrei un cambio di meccanica riguardante il telefono. Ora come ora, se si chiama il tempo non viene fermato e bisogna fare in fretta perché poi bussano alla porta e spesso non ho fatto in tempo a far entrambe le cose. Il tempo viene stoppato non appena bussano alla porta, si apre la porta, si apre l'inventario, perché non anche quando parte lo squillo della chiamata o alzando la cornetta per chiamare.

Amazing atmosphere!
I like the game mechanics, remember me the old 80's p&c text game.
But i don't like the UI, is so confusing, improve it guys!

Now we are workin' to improve the Ui/UX.

Cool! I love it! But improve controls please

we are looking into improving controls! Thanks for your feedback!

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Game seems interesting but sorry i couldn't not play as the controls are horrible. You could've made simple arrows to back down or to move. The way classic point and click games always did. 

Having to "swipe" everything like i'm on a ipad is agonizing. Not to mention once i got into the phone screen, i got stuck, no way to move out.

Another problem i had was with resolution. Game was forcing a resolution that was not mine and i was not able to change it into one that was.

Also please make the game English as default. Considering there's a message about telemetry at start, as much as i find italian beautiful, i cannot understand it.

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Thanks for the feedback! We added arrows for navigation too! And escape button for back.for the phone screen, did you make the tutorial action? Because you need to compose a number to be able to go on

Edit: there is resolution settings on options. If you couldn't change it somehow, We will fix it asap. Next patch should be online soon!

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No, thank you for understanding my comment and accepting feedback.

Already downloaded the new version, will give it a try as soon as i get some free time.

As for the resolution, it seems there's a weird bug where it forces a resolution that is not the usual one i have on my desktop. If it try to change it resets back again.

Also either i did not pay enough attention or the game went too fast with the tutorial because i don't remember doing one.

We really appreciate it!

when you start a game there are should be a few post-its that act like a tutorial. Anyway we will add more info in the pause menu.

I will look into the resolution bug as it really strange. In the next few days I will patch it, the launcher will tell you automatically when. 

super cool mood! one of the weirdest and most characterized P&C experiences ever

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Very cool atmosphere and mood! 
Reminds me the char mood of an old game Constructor!

I've seen a gun in a web gameplay, where i can find pistols or other weapon?

Haven't found it myself, but when the newspaper boy come in, give him the purse and he will give you one. Read the newspaper, somewhere there there's a number to call for guns. I couldn't make it as i can barely control anything in the game.

Thank you Felix!

I've called the shop and now i have my pistol!

Bang bang!

ottimo gioco! great creepy!